Wizards Game Summary

OBJECT:   To deliver the six sacred gem fragments to Ruktal at the center of the Sacred Circle

1)   Join a Magical Order
2)    Aquire tasks from any of the following places:
Tasks assigned by members of your magical order are deemed Mandatory, and must be completed before you will be allowed to collect gems (see 5 below)
3)   Complete tasks to earn points in the three attributes (Knowledge, Power, Perception).  Tasks generally involve two or more actions that are denoted by task markers.  Travelling to the spaces where the task markers are located, completes a portion of the task.  Once all task markers have been visited (picked up), the task is marked "Completed", and you gain attribute points as described on the Task Card.

4)   Advance to Rank 4.  You start at Rank 1 when you join a Magical Order.  Once your points in all three attributes equal or exceed the requirements for your rank, you can advance one Rank by visting your mentor:
Each advancement comes with a share of new spells, dependant on your Magical Order.

5)   Collect six gems from the High Wizards.  Each High Wizard has a different gem, and one High Wizard is the "False Wizard", and will steal all your gems on encounter.  Locate High Wizards by visiting Hamdrel, the Dragon, or meeting with other Players.  Visit the High Wizards to collect their gems (not always successful).  Each Magical Order has its own advantages at Rank 4:
6)   Once all six gems are collected, visit Ruktal in the center of the Sacred Circle to win the game.