Wizards Java Application v1.5

Wizards is a standalone Java Swing application (see screenshot), which means that it will play on any operating system that supports Java.  The application has been successfully played on:

(thanks to Patrick J. for this information!)

Want a second opinion before you download? Take a look at this review at the Home of the Underdogs (thanks Underdogs!) (Thanks Jay R for pointing me to this link!)

STEP 1 - Download the latest version (depending on your browser, you may have to right-click and choose "Save Link Target As...")

    Wizards Version 1.5 (January 4, 2008) - 1.9 MB New!  Requires Java v.1.4 (see release notes)
    Release Notes

Unzip the archive you download into a new folder, and read the readme.txt file.  That should get you going!

    Couple of Map Files I made, if you like:

Note:  I've removed support for my java 1.3 version.  You will need to upgrade your java version to at least 1.4 to get this to work.

STEP 2 -
Unzip the archive you download into a new folder, and read the readme.txt file.  Double-click the jar file to play the game.  Mac OS X comes Java-ready, so you should be ready to go.  If you are running on Windows, you may have to get Java 1.4.2 JRE (at the least) for this to work.  If you double-click the jar file that you download, and nothing happens (or you get an error), then you probably need to get Java.

STEP 3 - Play the game and enjoy.

Keyboard Shortcuts (you have to click on the main map for these to work - the map needs the "focus")
    R = Roll Dice
    ENTER = End Turn
    U,I,O,J,K,L = Move around on board

STEP 4 - Report bugs and other issues at:


If you are interested in this project, or need help getting started, please contact me at .