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Wizards - Avalon Hill's Game of Epic Adventure in the Enchanted Islands

This boardgame is an old favorite of mine.  Set in a fantasy world of Elves, Wizards, and Dragons, you traverse the islands seeking to complete various tasks before Evil can corrupt the whole world.  The game is very easy to setup, teach, and play (unlike my other favorite: Magic Realm!).  The wonderful variety of tasks and random events make each game play like a fantasy novel.  Though Wizards can sometimes take a long time to play (6-8 hours), it is never boring.  For more details on the game itself, check out  I also put together a quick summary of play, if its been awhile since you've played.

How do you get it?  Well, you can't.  The original publisher, Avalon Hill, dissolved long ago.  There is a new Avalon Hill, but its nothing like the old days, and doesn't carry anything like this game anymore.  If you are lucky, you may find a copy of this game available on eBay.

If you already own the game, you may be interested to know that I have been in contact with the original game designers.  They have put together a collection of rule corrections and additions that I will share for you here:

         Rule corrections, additions, and revisions for WIZARDS by Coral and Thomas Mosbø

If you want to try something different, check out a couple of variants I found online:

Modified rules by Don Woods et al.

Modified rules by Jeff Goldsmith

If you are an owner of the game, and would like to play it on your computer, check out my freeware computer version:

          Wizards Java Application v1.5  - New as of January 4, 2008!

If you are not an owner of the game, I cannot provide you with the rules.  I suggest clicking the eBay link above, and finding a copy for sale.  It's definitely worth it!

Some sample (solitaire) Game Logs from the wizards application, if you are interested:

        Wizard Win Game 1
        Wizard Win Game 2
        Wizard Lose Game
        Druid Win Game